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PROCESS: High-Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer Infographic  
Ovarian cancer is one of the leading deadly cancers in North America. In addition to wanting to explore the fascinating landscape of the ovaries, I wanted to bring light to the pathological process of HGSOC.


Tissue landscape exploration

Prior to planning for the infographic itself, I researched and completed a piece in exploring the ovarian landscape. This was an enjoyable process in understanding the different textures existing in the ovary, as well as its relationship with the fimbriae.


Layout and colour

After research and copy is set, I played around with different layouts for the infographic. This is probably the most iterative step, and I need to take into consideration composition, storytelling, and reading flow.



For the rendering of this particular piece, I decided to go for a slightly more realistic style in depicting the ovarian tumour. As focus fades away from the focal point of the tumour, I wanted to also shift the style towards a more illustrated, pencil sketch look.
With further iterations on layout and design, this piece is complete.


Final layout

final layout1208-01.jpg
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